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Content of this website

Unfortunately, due to the effort involved, we cannot translate the entire website into different languages.

But to give you an overview, here are the main contents:

All offers and facilities for children, teenagers and young adults in the 22th district on the topics of leisure, games, fun and things worth knowing are listed and presented on this website:

  • information about children's playgrounds,
  • children and youth clubs,
  • Offers for sporting activities
  • as well as to everything that concerns art - culture - knowledge.
  • There is also an appointment calendar
  • and a detailed search function.

The website now contains ?? entries (including references to religious communities, police stations, etc.) for the entire 22th borough and the number is growing all the time: the website will be edited as it progresses, i.e. the entries will be regularly updated, corrected or expanded where necessary, supplemented and expanded with new entries.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the website, you can contact us as follows:
Email: ????

Your editorial team

The website in your own language?

This is largely possible with the "Google translator" tool!
To do this, please click on the following link:
Freizeitplan22-Website in English
Now you can explore most contents of the FREIZEITPLAN22.INFO website in your own language!
Have fun with the website!

(The translation is made by a machine. We apologize if the translation is not entirely correct!)


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